Sunday, December 31, 2006



Finally.....finally...I have taken the dip. Many friends have already tasted this and recommended this to me. And today, with a little bit of adventurous psyche and a little desire to pontificate ;), I am starting this NEW thing.

Many people actually post their day-to-day happenings and stuff on their blog. But I guess that stuff neither interests me, nor would interest anyone who cares to read my blog. So, as the topic suggests, I would do what I do best - reflect and suggest, through this medium.

There are zillions of great topics to start writing about, but I guess they will have their day later.
Today I just want to share my views on a particularly commonplace subject - Watching Masala

I have had a rather strong opinion against it, and couple of friends have inquired the reason. But today, as I was watching Pokiri, a Telegu megahit ( btw, for those who just wondered what I made out of telegu, I actually didn't get a word of it ), a couple of things stood out.

Why exactly do we watch movies? A simple question, but answers may vary. If you ask anyone, 90% would say that they do so to ESCAPE. Sadly, I never understood that bit. The important question that one should be asking is - What is there to ESCAPE from? and Do we REALLY escape? If we really paid heed to these questions, we might be able to feel reality dawning. Don't you think that that we can never escape completely from our troubles and pains by merely forgetting about them? If that was the case, then a mere sleeping pill was enough to eradicate all the misery in the world? Upon introspection, I guess the answer is straightforward - NO. Also, can you completely enjoy the stunt sequence, when at the back of your head the villian ie. your boss or professor is waiting to take you to the cleaners.? And lastly, what about the moment when the movie finishes, the dream ends, and the nightmare begins? I have experienced that gut-wrenching feeling like someone has just shattered the sand-castle you just built at the beach.

That is generally the story of the masses. But there are quite a sizeable number ( around 10% ) who generally do not view a Masala movie as a stress buster. They have the other better reason - it is a way to indulge themselves, to pander to their ( base ) desires. Ask yourself, why is Dhoom 2 so successful - does it have a storyline? does it have a great director, or for that matter good actors? I guess we all know the answer, we all want to be in Hrithik's shoes or Aishwarya's sandals. But tell you what, I personally feel that the biggest thrill would be to not just imagine myself doing something for 2.5 hrs but actually living that life, or probably improving myself so that I may one day be caapble enough to lead that life. For e.g. we all admire their beauty and wish we had it. Alas, if only things would be done by dreaming alone, most of us would have just needed to sleep a few hours extra to lead the good life. A meaningful thing however is to enrol in a gym, eat good food, etc. etc. This is not easy, but there is more to it. The best part is, by doing so, we derive satisfaction and contentedness, from the fact that we are making something of our lives. Those who understand the subtle difference between pleasure and satisfaction would appreciate what I just said.

Lastly, I venture to discuss the most outrageous thing about these movies. To me, the most hideous part is that they enforce stereotypes. And by doing so, these movies ridicule and humiliate us. Still wondering? Though these movies cater to the masses, what they subtly do it to debase them. I mean for all of us average Joes and Janes, the appropriate place would be as a sidekick to the so-called hero and heroines. We would be expected to support them, be a butt of their jokes, dance in the background to the item numbers...blah....blah.. Fat people, bald people, dumb, deaf and blind etc. have to suffer a greater ignominy ( recall Tom Dick and Harry ). Women are presented as showpieces, simple people portrayed as losers. I am so overcome by emotion and rage that I do not feel like elaborating further. I feel like we pay money to be mocked at, that ludicrously insane.

I guess I would end my tirade now. So the next time you shell out 150 bucks to watch such a movie, think again. Atleast I do.

P.S. : I guess I like a conversation. I like to speak out. I would certainly keep posting stuff that interests me. Bouquets and brickbats alike are most invited. Thank you for tolerating me. :)


disha said...

i think it is very well written and has an original refreshing feel to it. one can easily relate to it in their own ways.Although he sometimes goes overboard describing certain situations, overall it was a nice read...

Subhash said...

Good luck, boy..keep the blog alive and have fun..

Deep said...

well written dude..enjoyed reading it..

Meghna said...
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Meghna said...

don't like masala movies myself.. and i never related to them as stress busters.. but u really sound bitter on the topic.

Don't you think that a temporary escape from reality destresses some people.. And the fact that the hero bashes up the villain in the end has a feel good factor that perhaps makes some people feel better equipped to deal with their own real-life evils.

Have you never come up with a solution to your problems when you weren't thinking about them at all? Its because though you always had the answer in your subconscious, you needed to stop working at it to let it emerge to your conscious brain.. That's exactly the effect the movies have on some people..

Ultimately, its a matter of personal opinion.. you and I may not consider watching movies as stress-relievers.. but then wat we may find destressing may not appear so to others..