Friday, February 9, 2007

Take a step back to surge forward

The last couple of weeks were especially tough for me. The unfortunate misunderstanding with my manager which created a mountain out of a mole hill was especially painful for me. Too many thoughts continually raced through my mind, from logical to the bizarre.

When I tried to make sense of it all, the reason for the seemingly incongrous pain dawned on me. Too many a times we take our lives too seriously and become engrossed in our present that inertia seems the only logical and pleasing objective in life. And for the same reason, we keep holding to silly things when we really don't care about them, perhaps apprehensive about the future ( things might get even worse without it ) or out of indolence ( oh god, I have to do something now to get it back ). The fact of the matter is, the feeling is true, and its rampant. But I think there is a cure - sit back and take a look around.

We make many tiny things in our lives so important for us that we lose perspective. But then you realize that life moves on, and can as many bizarre turns for different people as you can probably imagine. For example, the other day I was watching a show on Discovery where they were telling the story of guy who has spent the last 16 years of his life on death row just because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and now stands convicted for the murder of a friend. He has exhausted all his appeals, no lawyer wishes to take up his case and has no alternative but to count his last days.... which I'm afraid are not even numbered.

On the other hand, two days back I was rummaging through my friend's photo album who is in the U.S. and could not help noticing his smiling face and thinking about the bounties that future has in store for him. I mean, all sorts of things happen in life, and sometimes the mere effort to seek logic for these is bound to overwhelm us. But what I wish to harp on is the fact that, whatever be the circumstances, good or bad, we would do ourselves to take a step back, put everything in perspective and then resume our quest with all the zeal and chutzpah we can muster.

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yash said...

Hey sweetheart!!
reading your blog after a long long time and i must say each time, it has been a refreshing read. this one i really like because mostly i can relate to it. as you know tht iam not having the best time of my life. so, would you advise me to sit back, relax and then attack with full energy????

you know something, sometimes when i sit back ( n not relax) and contemplate what to do next, I get such an empty feeling as if all that i have done n all what iam doing is not enough. I must must work harder because iam truly capable of it. the the real Yash ( easy going, lazy, tension free n fun loving) takes over n says tht-" kyun itni fight maarni? jaise ab tak chill life rahi hai; waise aage bhi hoga" and i relent. hasnt made my life all that easy but i remember ( as i usually do) what you say-' if you are not willing to fight for it, you are not worth it'. so, may be iam not worth it.

And, so the life goes on.......