Wednesday, April 4, 2007

For want of a shoe....

"For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost; for the want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for the want of a horse the rider was lost, being overtaken and slain by the enemy, all for the want of care about a horseshoe nail." - Benjamin Franklin

In keeping with my new found love for poetry and good quotes, I hereby begin this blog with another famous maxim. And though highly unnecessary and somewhat annoying, I proclaim - "How true!!".

In fact our dear friend Murphy had another take on this - If something can go wrong, it sure will. In other words, miniscule gaffes somehow seem predestined to snowball into Himalayan blunders.

This sorry thought always surfaces in my mind, whenever I recall the incidents that took place with my previous job, and it just amazes me to see an honest mistake comes to a point of no-return, compounded by mis-information and bruised egos, stoked by arrogance and unwillingness to forgive and forget. My own version goes as follows:

"For the want of leave, faith was lost. For the want of faith, all sense of perception was lost. And for the want of faith and perception, an employee was lost."

It isn't as amusing as I intended it to be, but that is perhaps because the statement is true. Even now, the denouement to the tale is far-off.

Another interesting parallel can be found in relationships at large. A single snub, a misconstrued statement or a high-pitched remark are all enough to nuke a relationship. This particular story is far interesting for me to keep it to myself, and in due course, I surely would like to describe it in some detail.

But for now, I too am witnessing the drama of life, and my only hope is that Benjamin Franklin is proved wrong.

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