Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maya and the four demons

All of us are striving endlessly to achieve something or the other in life. But the greatest irony is that we never bother to ask ourselves clearly – What are we after and much more importantly, WHY are we after it?

It may seem silly to some to even ponder over such ponderous questions, but I can’t help myself. I always think - If there is no end to what all can be achieved in life, then what should I go after and when should I call it quits? There is also the seemingly undebatable truth that everything is in fact ‘Maya’ or Cosmic Illusion. So in effect, we are just playing our parts in this cosmic drama, responsive and pliable to the cues that we perceive as real – happiness, sorrow, anger, bitterness and so on. Hence, why try when its all just an illusory rhapsody.

Well….I do have a theory about it. I believe that the only way to come over this ‘trap’ is to overcome it. There are in effect four major manifestations of Maya – Moh (Craving/Desire) , Krodh (Anger) , Bhaya (Fear) , Eershya(Jealousy) . I believe that deep down, each of us is striving to win over these emotions. To explain it a bit further, all of us crave for money so that we may satiate our Moh or desire for other goodies – expensive food, clothes, luxurious lifestyle etc. And as my friend from Bihar explained, he is pining for IAS to attain the sense of power and authority which eluded him in his childhood which he spent angry, frustrated and somewhat afraid of all the misery and hopelessness around him. And lastly, we all are slightly jealous of the rich, smart and good looking guy/girl we know, and consciously or otherwise try to go one better on him/her.

So that brings me to the denouement. It is a truth that ‘One has to get In to get Out’, or in other words you have to undergo the rigours and riches of life to understand the futility of it all. I think I know how I can be satisfied and blissful, and I would count my life as a success if I can slay these four demons, even if it takes my life’s worth to do so.

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