Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Method or Madness

Yippie! After such a long hiatus, I am back, and back to what I do best ;)

The past one month was quite tumultuous, not the least because of Summer Placements, and the never ending drama surrounding it. Many a times, on observing the circumstances and the people around me, I was forced to ask - Is everything that is happening by design, or just pure chance.

While these thoughts were still lingering in my head, I came across this interesting piece on a Carnegie Mellon professor named Randy Pausch. The sad part is - he is dying! But this has led him to ponder a bit more on life and its meaning, and when words come from a person who is short on time, one better pay attention. Among many other things, this is what he had to say on Life - "If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, and your dreams will come to you."

Though he had much more to say on other aspects of life, including romance, this particular statement struck me. It reinstated my belief that there is a Divine Omnipresence around us, and that meant that other values like justice, fairness and compassion exist in his realm.

The worst part of the Placement Week was the self-doubt that emerged amongst the candidates. Questions like "Why is this happening to me?", "What on earth can I possibly do?",
"Is there a way out of this?" made me all the more sad. However, it just whetted my appetite to think about it at length, and come up with an answer, atleast for myself if not everyone else.

The fact of life that I have come to believe now is that everything that has occured, is happening, or will occur in life is for a reason ( call it Karma if you will ). And nothing is absolute. Circumstances, situations, emotions, thoughts keep changing and this whole menagerie can work either for you, or against, depending on your faith and perception. And last but not the least, give your best shot. Trust Him to enlighten you in your thoughts and deeds.

To summarize, no one knows what life has in store for us. And if I were to lead my life in a way that is "optimum", I have this to say - have faith, acceptance, and perseverance.

P.S. : Those who wish to listen to the Prof's speech -


yash said...

who better than me to write the first comment sweetheart! nicely written. believe me , i went thru the same phase during placements a week ago. read the speech as well. trying to get hold of my life...

keep writing.

jasdeep mandia said...

nicely written and i understand very well how does it feels like at the time of interview and esp at the time of rejections.

you may find god inside, you may not
but one thing is sure : "solution lies inside"