Friday, February 1, 2008

All or Nothing

Human beings are hardly rational, and here in lies our funny tendency...we like to go for broke, we like to have things in totality, or we won't have anything at all.

To an outsider it may seem queer, but neither years of education not bitter face-offs with reality seem to temper our mindset. We tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. I recall a funny incident. I was very young then, very raw, and very instinctual. I had a quarrel with my kid sister, and insisted she show more respect towards me by addressing me as "Aap" in place of "Tu". After much bickering, she agreed to address me as "Tum", which, as I think of it now, is acceptable any day. But, I wouldn't have any of it then, and in my own silly, arrogant, haughty and cute way, said - " Dont even call me "Tum" if you don't think its worth it!". Both of us knew that our words didn't reflect the exact way we feel for each other. But alas! Things have a way of spiralling out of control.

Any given day, a robot would have made the right decision. Or for that matter, any other day, I would have made the right decision too. But somehow, in the heat of the moment, on the cusp of time, one doesn't. Little nothings assume gargantuan proportions, and the work of a lifetime is put on a wager, and as is the case most times, the bet is lost.....and the heart feels empty.


Meghna said...

A robot will not say sorry, never hug you, never give you a shoulder to cry on (unless you ordered it), never reflect your feelings in itself..

Ofcourse the plus part is that its never gonna criticize you, never gonna shout at you, no bickering, no hurt, no emotional blackmailing either..

Different people.. different preferences, I guess

jasdeep mandia said...

i hope by giving an example of robot, you are trying to insist on the importance of rationality and not the escape from emotions.
rationality pays; and it pays more in relations.

akash, very well written. but the topic did confused me after i finished reading the whole article. i find a deviation from the topic towards the last or the vice versa.
overall, very well written.

manjula naidu said...

Hi Akash I really like your style of writing . Sorry if I was too intrusive but I was searching for my friend who had the same name as urs and I went through ur profile . Out of sheer curiosity i read the blogs and was really impressed by them . I like your on ur face approach and can relate to them myself . i thought of sending u a friends request but u have blocked that option . sry forgot to introduce myself , my name is Manjula Naidu and hopefully I will get an opportunity to share a few ideas

manjula said...

This is the link to my profile

Meghna said...

Lol.. so guys get 'Fraandsipp requests' too :P